Introducing FCX, The New Frontier of Fortinet Certification

Introducing FCX, The New Frontier of Fortinet Certification

The world of Network Security is ever-evolving, and with it, the certifications that validate an expert’s knowledge and skills must also advance. Fortinet has recently announced a significant update to its prestigious NSE-8 certification, now rebranded as the (Fortinet Certified Expert) FCX Certification. 

This change reflects the latest industry trends and the need for a more comprehensive understanding of complex Network Security systems.

Transition from NSE 8 to Fortinet Certified Expert (FCX)

The Legacy of NSE 8:

The Network Security Expert (NSE) 8 certification has long stood as a pinnacle of achievement for Network Security professionals. It was designed to validate the skills and knowledge required to conceptualize, engineer, integrate, and troubleshoot a broad range of security scenarios.

 The Launch of FCX:

With the digital world becoming more complex and security threats growing more sophisticated, Fortinet has rebranded the NSE 8 to FCX. This change reflects a broader curriculum and a more in-depth approach to modern Cyber Security challenges.

What is the Fortinet Certified Expert Certification?

The Fortinet Certified Expert FCX Certification, formerly known as the NSE-8, stands as the pinnacle of achievement for Network Security professionals. It is designed to validate the skills required to conceptualize, design, and implement complex security solutions.

New Additions:

  • Advanced Threat Protection Techniques.
  • Secure Access and Identity Management.
  • Cloud Security and Integration.
  • Automation-Driven Network Security.

Why the Change from NSE-8 to FCX?

  • Industry Evolution:

    As the security landscape changes, so must the certifications. The FCX reflects current industry needs and future trends.
  • Broader Scope:

    The FCX Certification offers a broader scope of knowledge, moving beyond traditional cyber security to include cloud and hybrid environments.
  • Global Standard:

    With this update, Fortinet aims to set a new global standard for network security certifications.
Fortinet Certified Expert

Key Updates in the FCX Certification

  • Enhanced Curriculum:

    The FCX Certification introduces an updated curriculum that covers the latest advancements in Network Security, including cloud security, zero-trust networks, and AI-driven threat detection.
  • Practical Assessments:

    Candidates will have to demonstrate their skills in a lab environment that simulates real-world security scenarios.
  • Renewed Focus:

    The certification now places a greater emphasis on cloud security, automation, and integrated solutions.

    What Remains Unchanged

    Despite the rebranding, the core structure of the certification remains consistent. This provides continuity for candidates who have been preparing under the NSE 8 framework and ensures a smooth transition to the FCX certification.

    Table: Comparison of NSE 8 and FCX

    Feature NSE 8 FCX
    Network Security Expert 8
    Fortinet Certified Expert
    Comprehensive security concepts
    Updated with the latest security trends
    Exam Format
    Remains consistent (Written + Practical)
    Remains consistent (Written + Practical)
    Scenario-based learning
    Enhanced real-world application
    2 years
    3 years
    NSE 7
    No prerequisites for FCX written exam

    Preparation for FCX

    Transitioning to FCX requires a strategic approach to study and preparation. At Nitiz Sharma and Company, we offer a comprehensive FCX certification program. 

    Our program is meticulously designed to cover all the new updates and equip candidates with the necessary skills to excel in the FCX lab exam.

    • Expert Guidance:

      Our seasoned instructors provide insights into the latest security protocols and practices.
    • Resource-Rich Learning:

      We offer a wealth of resources, including study materials, practice exams, and lab sessions.
    • Success-Oriented Approach:

      Our training is focused on not just passing the exam but excelling in your career as a security expert.

    The Benefits of Becoming Fortinet Certified

    Earning the FCX certification can be a career-defining move. It signals a mastery of the most advanced Network Security skills and a readiness to tackle complex security challenges.

    Career Advancement:

    The FCX certification is recognized globally and signifies a high level of expertise, opening doors to advanced career opportunities in Network Security.

    Staying Current:

    Earning the FCX certification ensures that professionals are up-to-date with the latest Network security trends and technologies, an essential aspect of staying relevant in the field.

    Career Advancement

    Certification signifies mastery in advanced Cyber Security, ready for complex challenges.

    Staying Current

    Earning FCX keeps professionals current with latest Network Security trends and tech.


    The FCX certification marks a significant evolution in the field of Cyber security, setting a new standard for professionals worldwide. This certification is not just a rebranding but a strategic enhancement to meet the dynamic challenges of Network Security. 

    It offers a comprehensive curriculum with a practical focus, essential for advancing careers in Cyber security. As we navigate the expanding digital landscape, the FCX stands as a pivotal credential that shapes the future of Network Security expertise, offering professionals the opportunity to lead in the ever-evolving digital arena.

    Are you ready to take your Network Security expertise to the next level with Fortinet Certified Expert?

    Join our FCX certification program today and be at the forefront of network security innovation.


    1. How long is the FCX certification valid?

    The validity period for the FCX certification is for 2-3 years.

    1. Can NSE 8 certified professionals transition to FCX?

    Yes, individuals with an NSE 8 certification will have a pathway to transition to FCX, with specific details provided by Fortinet.

    1. Are there any prerequisites for the FCX written exam?

    No, there are no prerequisites required to take the FCX written exam.

    1. Do I need to pass the FCX written exam before attempting the practical exam?

    Yes, candidates must pass the FCX written exam before they are eligible to take the practical exam.

    1. What opportunities can the FCX Certification bring to my professional career?

    The FCX Certification can open doors to advanced roles in Network Security, positioning you at the forefront of the industry.

    1. How does the FCX differ from the previous NSE 8 Certification?

    The FCX is not just a rebranding but an enhancement of the NSE 8, with a curriculum that aligns with the dynamic nature of modern Network security challenges.