CCIE Security v6.1 New Version Updates

Blueprint Revisions

In response to the rapid evolution of products and technologies, Cisco is introducing a new agile process to ensure its exams stay aligned with these changes. These updates, known as minor revisions, provide the necessary agility and speed to adapt Cisco’s programs to match industry developments and technological advancements. By allowing more frequent updates to exam blueprints, equipment lists, and software, Cisco can ensure the relevance of its content while minimizing overall changes to less than 20%. This approach not only keeps Cisco’s exams up to date but also reduces the learning curve between revisions.

These changes in the v6.1 lab exam blueprint aim to ensure that candidates are equipped with the latest knowledge and skills in the field of CCIE Security. The updates encompass dynamic objects, Cisco IBNS 2.0 for enhanced access control, and the inclusion of cloud security topics related to DNS layer security, intelligent proxy, and user identification using Cisco Umbrella.

The primary objectives of these minor revisions are as follows:

  • Clearer Exam Objectives: Cisco further refines the exam blueprint to ensure the objectives are well-defined and easily understood.
  • Relevant Exam Tasks: Cisco introduces new tasks to the blueprint to ensure that the exams remain relevant to the latest industry requirements.
  • Removal of Outdated Solutions: Cisco phases out older products and technology solutions that have become less relevant in today’s landscape.
  • Equipment and Software Updates: Cisco updates the recommended equipment and software to reflect the latest advancements and technologies.
CCIE Data Center by Nitiz Sharma

Today, Cisco is undertaking a revision of the CCIE Security Lab Exam to enhance its effectiveness and relevance in light of these goals.

CCIE Security Lab Exam, minor revision 6.1: Ensuring Exam Relevancy

The CCIE Security lab exam is currently undergoing a minor revision, characterized by small and incremental changes. While the overall domains within the exam blueprint may appear similar at first glance, this revision focuses on enhancing exam relevancy by adding and removing technology solutions. These adjustments ensure that the exam aligns with the latest industry requirements and addresses the evolving landscape of security technologies.

For a comprehensive list of exam topics covered in the updated CCIE Security lab exam and to obtain more information about the CCIE Security certification program, please refer to This resource will provide you with detailed insights into the exam content and the certification program as a whole.

CCIE Security Lab Exam Revision 6.1: Executive Summary

The latest minor revision of CCIE Security ensures that the domains and topics covered in the exam remain closely aligned with today’s Cisco Security technologies and solutions. As organizations increasingly leverage the cloud to achieve flexibility, scalability, and real-time integrations, it becomes crucial to address their security needs and meet their business requirements.

In response to this trend, the v6.1 lab exam blueprint introduces cloud security using Cisco Umbrella, incorporating various use cases. This addition reflects the importance of securing cloud-based environments effectively. Furthermore, the v6.1 lab exam includes updates to some security appliances to maintain the exam’s relevance and currency in the ever-changing landscape of security solutions.

By embracing these enhancements, CCIE Security ensures that candidates are equipped to tackle the evolving security challenges faced in modern workplaces, enabling them to provide comprehensive and effective security measures using Cisco’s latest technologies.

Comprehensive Summary of CCIE Security v6.1 Lab Exam Blueprint

The following is a comprehensive summary highlighting the changes introduced in the CCIE Security v6.1 lab exam blueprint. Please note that these are key highlights and not an exhaustive list. For complete details, please refer to the official Exam Topics list.

CCIE Security v6.0 (Current version) CCIE Security v6.1 (Upcoming version)
1. Perimeter Security and Intrusion Prevention (20%) 1. Perimeter Security and Intrusion Prevention (20%)
1.4.d N/A 1.4.d: Dynamic objects
2. Secure Connectivity and Segmentation (20%) 2. Secure Connectivity and Segmentation (20%)
2.4: Uplink and downlink MACsec (802.1AE) Removed
4. Identity Management, Information Exchange, and Access Control (25%) 4. Identity Management, Information Exchange, and Access Control (25%)
4.13.a: EAP Chaining 4.18: N/A 4.13.a: EAP Chaining and TEAP 4.18: Cisco IBNS 2.0 (C3PL) for authentication, access control, and user policy enforcement
5. Advanced Threat Protection and Content Security (20%) 5. Advanced Threat Protection and Content Security (20%)
5.4: DNS layer security, intelligent proxy, and user identification using Cisco Umbrella 5.4: Cloud security 5.4.a: DNS proxy through Cisco Umbrella virtual appliance 5.4.b: DNS security policies in Cisco Umbrella 5.4.c: RBI policies in Cisco Umbrella 5.4.d: CASB policies in Cisco Umbrella 5.4.e: DLP policies in Cisco Umbrella

CCIE Security Lab Exam Revision 6.1:

Hardware and Software Equipment:

As part of the updated CCIE Security revision 6.1 lab exam environment, certain changes have been made to the hardware and software releases used. Candidates preparing for the exam are now recommended to utilize the following Cisco equipment and software releases. For a comprehensive overview, please visit the CCIE Security Lab Exam Equipment and Software v6.1 page (link provided).

NGFW Topology

It is important for candidates to familiarize themselves with the specific equipment and software versions mentioned to ensure they are adequately prepared for the exam. The recommended hardware and software releases have been carefully selected to align with the revised lab exam requirements and provide candidates with the necessary resources to demonstrate their proficiency in CCIE Security.

Please note that the actual hardware and software requirements are detailed on the CCIE Security Lab Exam Equipment and Software v6.1 page, which can be accessed through the provided link. It is advisable to refer to the official Cisco resources for the most up-to-date information regarding equipment and software specifications.

CCIE Security v6.0 (Current Version)CCIE Security v6.1 (Upcoming Version)
Security Appliances Security Appliances

·         ISE 2.4

·         DNAC 1.3.1

·         FMC 6.2

·         NGIPS 6.2

·         ISE 3.1.0

·         DNAC

·         FMC 7.1

·         NGIPS 7.0

Exam Format

In this minor revision of the CCIE Security Lab Exam, no changes have been made to the exam format. The format remains consistent with the previous version, ensuring continuity and familiarity for candidates. By maintaining the existing exam format, Cisco aims to provide a seamless transition for individuals who have prepared for the previous version of the exam.

Candidates can expect the same structure and components in the CCIE Security Lab Exam as before, allowing them to focus on demonstrating their knowledge and skills in a familiar testing environment. This includes the same types of questions, tasks, and time allocation.

By retaining the unchanged exam format, Cisco acknowledges the importance of providing stability and consistency for candidates while incorporating updates and enhancements through other aspects of the exam, such as the revised content and updated equipment/software requirements.

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